A Glimpse into the Fall Remmey Auction

Fall and Holiday Extravaganza

    In our Live Auction (http://www.igavelauctions.com), we have a miscellaneous group of beautiful 18th and 19th C. oil portraits. The “Drummer Boy” circa 1780 with a plaque of Joseph Wright of Derby, the “Young Girl with a Dog” is thought to be mid 19th century.  A pair of 19th C. portraits of Dutch children accentuates the grouping. A lovely grouping to admire and pick from.

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    We are featuring a clock that was in the estate sale of Liberace in 1988.  The sale was by Butterfields & Butterfields, Los Angeles Convention Center, April 9th -12th, 1988—-Auction 4000X “Liberace”. The clock in the shape of an elephant is bronze patina, Italian and in an Imperial Style. A great item priced for the Liberace collector.

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    The diamonds in this auction are exquisite. One ladies engagement ring, platinum with a around brilliant full cut diamond which is 1.50 carats.  The second is a 14 KT gold and diamond engagement style ring. These engagements rings will certainly get a positive reaction and a big “huuug” from any prospective bride.

q2ry_din100_006 q2ry_boy100_001

    We have a collection of Violins from two different New Jersey estates. A Stradivarius copy labeled Heinrich E. Heberlein, Jr with a Tourte Bow. This is especially nice for the advance student. Also, for the beginning student we offer three Stradivarius style violins by Herm Todt, Hopf.
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