What is the value? June 2016

Trash, Treasures & Trends!

with Carolyn Remmey

QUESTION: My mother and father had this painting for years and I inherited it about 12 years ago. I have tried to do some research but to no avail. Can you give some light as to the possible value of the piece in case I decide to sell it?

ANSWER: This is a 19th C. portrait. You can see the European flair to it. Ludwig Ernes Faber (1885-1913) American artist is known for his portraiture and etchings. He was a very active artist and resided Pennsylvania. Where he was a member of several art societies. He studied In Paris, France prior to 1900.There are not many examples to research. I would say that since the subject is a lovely lady, that this painting would bring $1000-2000 in our internet auction.

QUESTION: Hi Carolyn- can you please tell me an estimated value for each of these three lamps I have attached?

ANSWER: All three of the lamps are kerosene lamps of the 19th C. Each one a little more feminine than the other including the white milk glass lamp. They are not a big collectible like they were 25 years ago. They still sell at auction and would each bring about $75-$150.

QUESTION: I have a brilliant cut round diamond solitaire ring with 6 prong setting, 14K white gold. It is not need anymore and I would like to sell. I have tried to on line sale sites to no avail. It is just under a carat about .85, M-N color, Sl clarity. I am asking about $3000 for it what do you think?

ANSWER: Unfortunately you are way over valued. It is a nice size stone and brilliant cut which is what everyone likes. The Clarity indicates a slight sighting of flaw. The color is what will bring the value down. If it is an M-N color, that means is a faint to a very light yellow tone to the stone that is most desirable as a colorless white. Your ring should bring $950-$1500 in the resale (fair market value).