What is the value? May 2016

Trash, Treasures & Trends!

with Carolyn Remmey

QUESTION: I follow your “trash or treasure” column in the newspaper. I have this beautiful vase which was handed down to my mother from her mother. It is in perfect condition and measures 7″ x 7″. I’ve attached pictures including the bottom which says “hand painted…Nippon.” I would love to find more information and perhaps its value. Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: From 1891 to 1921 the U S tax laws dictated the marks on imported ceramics. Nippon was the mark stamped on Japanese ceramics during that period. In 1921 it was changed to Made in Japan as prescribed by the tax law. These beautiful Japanese ceramics still flourish; however, the popularity of this with the young buying generation is not there just as it is with a lot of antiques. The vase in your picture is probably more sentimental in value than of monetary value. It would bring under $100 in one of my sales.

QUESTION: For a few years now as I sat in the waiting area of South Mountain arena for my granddaughter to finish her training on the ice, I immediately headed for the “50 Plus Monthly” copy of the newspaper. It was the page with your article I sought out first. So, it is this morning I write to you for some guidance. The first statement made that struck me in your article was that the changing trends are dictating a more modern look. Well, what I have available for sale are in no ways modern. For instance: stained glass window, secretary with drop down desk, oak circular kitchen table with claw-bowled feet and four kitchen chairs piano playing rolls glass paneled cabinet, old SINGER sewing machine with a cabinet.

ANSWER: I get letters from readers so much a like these days. There are so many people downsizing across the country that the market is flooded with furniture and decorative items. Unfortunately with this large market of we are also realizing that a large number of antiques and used items are not appealing to the younger buyer, therefore, prices are very low. The stain glass window and Singer sewing machine would be priced under $100 each, and the oak table/chairs and secretary with the fall front desk would be price at $300 each in one of my sales.