What is the Value? October 2016

Trash, Treasures & Trends!

Ask Carolyn Remmey

QUESTION:  This book is an example of a lot of books in one collection.  I was wondering if there was any value to the Diego Rivera Book that I am referring to?

ANSWER: Yes, the 1937 first edition of Portrait of America by Diego Rivera is a highly sought after book.  The artist works are held in high regard and this book contains  reproductions of his murals, some taken by photos by the photographer and fried, Walker Evans.   The book could bring $150 to $300 at auction.

QUESTION: Saw your advertisement in the 50 plus paper I pick up every month at the library and finally got around to photo these items.  Jon “inherited” these chairs from his mom who had lived in Florida. They appear to be handmade and the “material” used looks like some kind of animal skin. We have never used the chairs and are trying to purge our clutter. Jon doesn’t want to throw them out. Do you have a suggestion as to what we can do to dispose of them?  He would be happy to get $25. Each which would help with the expenses for shipping them from Florida.  Kindly advise what you think we can do.


ANSWER: These lanai chairs are an example of designer American reproductions of a tropical country chair, perfect for southern Florida. The condition is an issue.  The canvas covers (made to look like leather) are highly soiled for resale. If you are able to clean these up you would probably get $100 to $150 for the pair right there in Florida.  They can be used inside the house as well as poolside.