What is the Value? September 2016

Trash, Treasures & Trends!

with Carolyn Remmey

QUESTION:  I am downsizing and have to let go a lovely French roll top desk.  It is mahogany with ormolu gilt bronze mount decoration and locks  The name of the cabinet maker is engraved in a bronze plate on one of the locks.  His name is Poteau. Can u tell me what the value of this piece is ?



ANSWER: Charles Edouard Poteau(1848-1912) was a brilliant French cabinet maker. His Louis XVI styles were and are still sought after. The roll top desk that you have is a brilliant example of his work. The signature is an authentication. The roll top desk may not be as desirable as a bureau plat but will sell because of the expert design and workmanship in the $6-8000 range. If you have any provenance as to the line of ownership, that will enhance the value.

QUESTION: I have a Bechstein ebonized baby grand piano.  Can I sell this if I have a receipt showing that it was made in 1912 with the ivory keys at that time?  What would be the value be?

ANSWER: This is a very tricky question. The paperwork that you have from a reputable dealer is appropriate and can be sold in some states because
The Federal government requirements would have been met with this receipt.  However,  New Jersey and New York still will not allow the sale.
If the value of the piano is great, then you can discard the ivory keys and
Have composition keys made. You can find the guidelines in both gov.org
Websites. As is, the piano has no value!